re-telling climate change stories


This film is a call to action for the divest movement on the University of Colorado campus. The filmmaker explains how the president of the University has millions of CU dollars invested in his own industry, fossil fuels. Students at the university are demanding their money be invested in more clean and sustainable industries.


This film is about a fantasy channel reporting about current scientific findings. The channel reports on a leak of a video where a scientist discusses weather manipulation with a war general in the U.S. government.

Sustainable Cities discusses urban farming. It shows New York City’s farming scene as well as Denver’s. This film educates us on a unique solution to combating climate change.

This film uses barbie dolls to tell a fiction story about climate change. It shows the struggle between people who want to continue using great amounts of energy vs. those who push to stop. This funny story highlights a social issue.

This film is very thorough about what the future holds for the ski industry. It explains to us how skiing companies are threatened due to the weather, yet create the problem as well. The filmmaker offers realistic solutions to help the skiing industry produce more carbon.

Food for the Future highlights the ways in which our current agricultural system is flawed. The filmmaker gives everyday solutions for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint.

In this short film, the producer offers a unique solution to help people reduce their energy consumption. Simple energy offers ideas as to how to interact with energy in a different manner.

This creative film is put together like children’s book. The filmmaker tells the  story of selfish humans taking more than their fair share of resources in nature, which threatens the survival of other creatures.


Find your place is a relatable film that highlights the struggle to find how we can make a positive difference. This short film is realistic and relatable, making it enjoyable to watch.

This animated film discusses the story of the Pika that lives in the rocky mountains. The message this story conveys is that we are all connected to nature, animals, and the world at large.

This film interviews a local Bee Keeper and a Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Professor at the University of Colorado. Both men discuss the importance of bees in our ecosystem. They offer ideas on how we can help save bee populations that are currently declining.

Teddy the polar bear cub loses his family due to melting sea ice, and explains how renewable energy can help save his habitat.


Short animation on the connection between what we do today, and what that means for tomorrow. 

Several "experts" discuss the importance of trees as a solution to global warming.

Movie trailer style film identifying a terrifying consequence of frequent extreme weather.

This fictional story tells about the land of poplings, and how they came together to fight climate change and save their town.