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Green Suits Your City

Photographs to spur inspiration for the greening of our cities ...

This participatory photography project infuses embodied creativity into the greening of our cities. As part of this exhibit, all are invited to check out a green suit with a leafy sash and submit a photograph of themselves or a friend in some iconic place in their city or any city. This interactive project is design to engage the participation of a wider constituency in the greening of our cities. Placing actual bodies in service of this vision marks the commitment to joyful acts that will inspire action on behalf of environmental resilience. Sometimes it takes a literal representation of an idea to make it real. Both the process of taking the photos and the photographs themselves spark conversation, and are a part of my ongoing effort to infuse embodied fun and broad engagement in resilience planning. View the Google Map of our ever-growing collection of photographs from around the world.

Sustainable hope: BVSD students don green suits for a good cause
Boulder Weekly, April 11, 2019


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Green Suits in Action: Students Photographing Sustainability in Boulder Valley School District

Select BVSD secondary schools will have a unique opportunity to partner with Inside the Greenhouse (CU), EcoArts Connections, and the UCAR Center for Science Education to wear, experience and photograph sustainability in action wearing “green suits” (provided).  Pictures will highlight one or more of the following themes and action areas in our schools and school communities (topic examples in parentheses). For each of the following themes, we are especially interested in how they affect human beings socially and culturally. 


  • Food (production, waste, nutrition, choice, health)
  • Energy (renewable, fossil fuel, energy conservation)
  • Waste (compost, recycling of paper and commingled containers-glass, aluminum and plastics)
  • Transportation (bus, walking, bicycling, skateboarding, carpooling, electric vehicles)
  • Nature/Environment (outdoor learning, connection to nature, gardens, climate change)

Green in Action:

Participating students will set, create, and photograph scenes of sustainability in action including one or more students dressed in a green suit (see photo examples here). Students can work in teams or individually. Each school will select up to 20 of its students’ best photographs and submit them to an outside jury of arts, science, and sustainability professionals. The jury will select the photos to be exhibited from all of the submissions. The photographs selected by the jury will be exhibited at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in the spring of 2019 and possibly at other venues.

Green Suits BVSD
April 6, 2018 | More Info

University of Colorado Faculty Exhibition: 2017
September 7 | More Info

Submit your own photos!
We invite you to join us in bypassing people's defenses to climate communication by donning a green suit in your city. To submit your own photo please email a high resolution file (jpg or png) to Beth Osnes.

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