INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


Green Band

Examines CO2 emissions from the viewpoint of touring regional bands.

Eat More Pine

Parody song and music video about the Mountain Pine Beetles.

Canaries of Climate Change

A stop motion film which calls attention to overuse of the phrase "canary in a coal mine" when warning of climate change.

Life is Movement

Communicates how movement is the key to life through which power and energy are formed.

Back to Our Roots

Draws comparison between humans and nature’s largest living organism, the Aspen grove.

Changing Landscapes

Incredible survival story of a man and his wife, who narrowly escaped the fatal flood of September 2013 in Lyons, Colordo. 

The 100 Year Flood: A Tail of Two Stories

Recounts the devastating effects of Boulder, Colorado's 100-year flood from the perspective of a few select displaced animals.

Bring Earth With Us

Explores the increasing distance created between humans and nature, and the necessity for humanity to reconnect with the natural world.

Life Swap

A sustainable organic farmer and a money driven business man learn a lot when they swap lives.

Leave the Fossils in the Ground

A stop motion film in which a triceratops communicates the climate change story to engage a young audience.