INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


This short film is a story about two college students who consume very high amounts of energy. Their landlord comes to inform them they need to cut back on their consumption.

This is a documentary style film about modern agriculture. It highlights the differences between our current methods and the way we harvested food in the past. It shows the importance of eating locally in order to reduce carbon emissions.

This story parallels Climate Change with a Christmas Carol. The film shows how pristine nature used to be in relation to how the earth looks in present day. The story does a good job at explaining that the future is irreversible and everyone is responsible for our future.

Snow is about how Colorado’s economy will be affected by the decrease in snowfall. The producer shows how mountain resorts have already have had issues and have needed to create artificial snow. This film does a good job at explaining the decrease in snowfall affects more than just skiers and snowboarders, but the entire Colorado community.

This film conveys the danger in being a Climate Change skeptic. It explores both sides of the climate change debate and touches on the politics of the issue. This film is perfect for those who are not sure what to believe when it comes to climate change.

Sea Level Rise is a short, educational film, that investigates the perceptions surrounding our rising oceans from students of the University of Colorado. The film exposes these students to pictures of what their home cities will look like in 2100. This film is a great tool to show the immediate effects of climate change.

This is an artistic short film about the American dream. It hints that we are responsible to care about our planet if we want to continue our everyday life.

This film is a documentary styled comparison between Boulder residents' views on climate change vs. perceptions of residents in Alabama. We learn the main difference between people's points of view are if climate change is something to worry about. This film is very interesting and conveys an important idea, no matter where someone lives, they must start acting to combat climate change.

This short film is a call to action for climate change. It can also act as an educational video to explain weather on earth. The producer uses different voices to unite humanity into combating climate change problems together.

This film is an emotional story of a young man connecting with nature. He discusses his feelings on climate change and what it is like to live in the wilderness. Luke gives the audience a realistic point of view on how to connect with nature and the outdoors in order to care more for our environment.

This film is a beautiful story of human existence on earth. It is a wakeup call to society that earth has been here much longer than us, and will continue to be here after we are gone. The film urges viewers to respect our home so that the weather respects us. There is mild cursing.

This film is a great educational tool to inform audiences about waste, trash, and recycling. The producer is very hopeful that anyone can make a difference through recycling glass and aluminum cans. This film is easy to follow and very informative.

This is a great film about the consumption of CO2 by humanity. The producer parallels beautiful nature to the dark reality of society's burning of fossil fuels. The film does a good job at compelling the viewer to learn more.

This film uses humor to convey the need to act now. The producer uses unintelligent surfers to tell stories about the current climate reality. This short is a lighthearted and funny film to watch.

“Today’s choices are tomorrow’s climate.” This short film expresses the severity of the climate change issue. It engages the audience to become enlightened and act now.

This film is a comedy about how much energy we consume in our everyday lives. The producer views energy consumption as an addiction and helps a young man overcome that addiction. This film is very humorous for older audiences.