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Fall 2016 Climate Change Film Festival

Short films on climate change

The fall 2016 class on Film and Climate Change ended with the best possible kind of final exam: a film festival! This is a juried event where students present their final projects – short films on a topic within climate change along with an introductory statement on the science that motivated their work.  This year, 15 films were showcased to an audience of about 100.  The mood of the event is supportive and celebratory: the students have been through a huge learning process over the course of the term and are both excited and nervous to showcase their work.  The films themselves ranged in a number of topics from the highly personal to the highly political.  Each student introduces their project to the audience and panel of judges. Here, they explain not only the science that motivated their films, but also the inspiration behind their projects. This is the best part because a huge goal of this class is to provide the opportunity to explore a personally meaningful topic in order to work on a personally meaningful film. In this regard, all of the films take first prize and I am deeply grateful that I am not the one handing out awards! Read more ...