INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories

Performance for Resilience Event with BoCo Strong

November 17 at 7:00 PM

Join us for a fun evening experiencing the power of performance for strengthening the capacity of resilience of Boulder County. Students of the course performance for Resilience have worked with a variety of community partners to identify gaps and vulnerabilities that could be addressed using performance as a tool. Two students are decreasing recidivism in local prisons through a theatre class for empowerment they are leading in the prison. Another student created a skit communicating an important message identified by the Boulder County Farmer’s Market. Other issues addressed include camps for local children whose parents have cancer, representations of women in the media, and removing the stigma surrounding mental health. This video Dancing On The Streets was created by the instructor for the course and is designed as an example of Performance for Resilience—it conveys a creative neighborhood gathering intended to strengthen community bonds through creative expression and by sharing a meal together. By knowing each other, members of this community will be better equipped to use their social capital to respond to each other’s vulnerabilities to better ensure that everyone survives and thrives in the face of persistent social stresses and sudden climate shocks.

Join us for this fun interactive event. CU University Memorial Center in Room 384 at 7:00 PM Thursday Nov. 17, 2016. Contact with questions.