INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories

Issue #3

Inside the Greenhouse has continued to build momentum this fall, with many ongoing project efforts to 're-tell climate change stories' in compelling and resonant ways.

Our Fall semester activities included the successful conclusion of our first cycle of Student Internships, the 7th iteration of the fall course 'Climate Change and Film', and successful showings of the ‘Sol-Her Energ-He’ musical in Boulder and New York City. Also, this fall we relaunched our website, featuring a searchable database of students’ compositions, as well as past events and interviews.

As we continue to work, your support is critical. Please visit ITG's donation page to provide a tax-deductible gift in time for holidays giving in your name or that of another you care about, any amount helps us as we continue to work to communicate about the colossal importance of climate engagement.

Happy holidays!
Rebecca Safran, Beth Osnes and Max Boykoff
(Inside the Greenhouse co-directors)

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Course Spotlight

The Fall semester 2015 Film and Climate Change course (ATLS 3519/EBIO 4460) was another great success. The course – taught by Inside the Greenhouse co-Director Rebecca Safran – culminated in the December 11 film festival on the CU Boulder campus, featuring fifteen compelling films each created by CU students. The approximately 100 attendees and four judges were impressed by the great products of the semester-long process. Criteria for evaluation included strong and accurate depictions of climate science, and quality of the storytelling. You can view these most recent compositions here.

Fall 2015 Judges and Award Winners


Climate Science - Follow the Money? by Barbara MacFerrin This film took honorable mention in the 7th annual Climate Change Film Festival


Event Highlight

Performance, Art and Music for Resilience

On October 2nd, Inside the Greenhouse co-director Beth Osnes and collaborators produced the musical for youth-sparked community engagement for climate action, Sol-Her Energ-He, at the new Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex (SEEC) in Boulder, Colorado. This project was undertaken by students from CU Boulder along with participants from Casey Middle School. Later in October, Beth Osnes and others from Inside the Greenhouse ‘took the show on the road’ as they collaborated with Hunter Elementary School in New York City for the ‘Urban Thinkers’ campus event. And next month (in January), this performance will go international, traveling to London in collaboration with the University of East London and Riverside Elementary School. The tour is also part of the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities Initiative and is designed to activate a wider constituency in authoring their City Plans for Resilience.

Sol-Her Energ-He Performer. Photo credit: Corrina Tulk.

Sol-Her Energ-He in New York City at The City We Need Conference. Photo credit: Steven Sutton.

Announcements re-launched

This fall we revamped and relaunched our website. it now features a searchable database of creative works from students, along with past events and interviews from our Inside the Greenhouse endeavors. Check out the collection, utilize them for your classes, community activities and social events!

Now you can search for compositions by Topics, Keywords, Length of composition and Age Range of audience.

Also featured on the website is a new blog space. Check out a dispatch from Max Boykoff on creative climate communications at the recent United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris and field notes from 2015 Inside the Greenhouse interns Angela Earp and Sara Berkowitz. Stay tuned for new posts in the new year too.

ITG Interns Angela Earp and Sara Berkowitz filming mural of Maclovia Zamora.

ITG Interns Angela Earp and Sara Berkowitz with Maclovia Zamora.

Ongoing information-sharing, talks and workshops

This fall, Inside the Greenhouse participants have participated in a number of information-sharing workshops and have given many talks involving creative climate communications. Among them, co-director Max Boykoff delivered a keynote talk at the #klimagune2015 workshop 'Comunicación de la ciencia del cambio climático: oportunidades y retos' at the Basque Center for Climate Change, at the University of Pompeu Fabra, and also at the Festival of International Environmental Films (FICMA).