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2021 Comedy for Climate Change Honorable Mention- Among Us: Climate Change Edition

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2021 Comedy for Climate Change Honorable Mention 

When it comes to climate change, scientists already know who is most at fault, the emitters of CO2 and those who enable them. And yet, the problem continues. Because even though things are obvious to some, the tricks of the merchants of doubt can stall any action. This comedy sketch explores the struggle to get people to take action on something seemingly obvious like climate change, while being hampered by disinformation. All through the absurdity of the online game Among Us. Carbon Dioxide and the Oil&Gas Industry are the killers but can scientists get everyone to actually vote them out?



Writer, Producer, CO2 actor: Tom Di Liberto

Oil and Gas: Mikail Faalasli

The GOP: Jordana Mishory

Scientist: Meredith Garagiola

Millennial: Margaret Lee

Boomer: Martin Steger

Gen Z: Erick Acuña

Coral Reef: Ceci DeRobertis 

Economy: Slli’m Williams 

Glacier: Kara Kinsey

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