INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories

2022 Comedy for Climate Change Competition

Announcing the 2022 Winners!

Humor is a tool underutilized in the area of climate change; yet comedy has power to effectively connect people, information, ideas, and new ways of thinking/acting.

In this 7th annual competition, we sought to harness the powers of climate comedy through compelling, resonant and meaningful VIDEOS – up to 2 minutes in length – to meet people where they are, and open them up to new and creative engagement. 

View the entire show here!


Here are the 2022 winners:


First Place



Guess What Melinda

The Climate Chins are a group of talking chins who think it’s fun to explore climate change solutions. In this piece, Melinda goes on an emotional journey alongside her best friend Melinda, where she finds out about the detrimental climate impacts of food waste. By talking about flushing chips down the toilet, peeing on food in the supermarket, and smearing birthday cake on party guests, Melinda realizes the gravity of the food waste problem, as well as possible solutions, such as volunteering for food rescue organizations. The Climate Chins were supported by the NEST Studio for the Arts at CU Boulder.


Second Place



An interview with the Sun

A classic climate denial talking point is to blame our warming climate on anything and everything besides human emissions of greenhouse gases. The number one name mentioned as the true culprit is often the Sun, even though there is no evidence that the sun has had anything to do with Earth’s recent warming. That got me thinking. Does the SUN know about this, and how would it react? Luckily, the Sun agreed to sit down with an “award-winning journalist” who asked these hard- hitting climate questions. Permission is granted to allow for use of content, as necessary.


Third Place



Simulation 001

Simulation 001 is a world where the theory “we live in a simulation” is true. But when thehumans start to destroy the earth through climate change, the intern supervising thecode tries their best to save the citizens of earth. Nothing, absolutely nothing goes toplan, and humans manage to defy every life saving effort from the simulation team. How will they survive this?!