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Apply for Seed Funding for Climate Comedy!

Apply for $1000 Seed Funding to Produce Your Own Stand Up for Climate Comedy Event

To: College/University Comedy Groups, Classes, or Clubs


From: Inside the Greenhouse for Creative Climate Communication at the University of Colorado, Boulder


What: Apply for $1000 Seed Funding to Produce Your Own Stand Up for Climate Comedy Event


When: Your live comedy event needs to occur BEFORE Earth Day April 22, 2024. Application can be submitted starting now until all five seed gifts of $1000 are given out.


How to Apply: Send a one-page description about your comedy group and when-where-and how you want to produce your own Stand Up for Climate Comedy event at your college or university. Please include information on what venue you have in mind and how you will invite and engage your audience.


Expectations for Receiving the $1000 Seed Funding:

  • Produce a live comedy event at your college/university before Earth Day April 22, 2024
  • Respond promptly and completely to our amazing staff who will get you paid
  • Send us good photos from your event, some video, and a paragraph describing your experience!
  • Produce your event under the banner of Stand Up for Climate Comedy—we’ll get you logos and a template for posters!
  • Take a look at our brief Guide for Creating ‘Good Natured’ Climate Comedy
  • OPTIONAL - meet with our team online for one-hour workshop on approaches to climate comedy (can be just a few representatives or the whole group)


Background: The proliferation of comedy to inspire climate action is on the rise. In partnership with the Argosy Foundation, Inside the Greenhouse is a major player in this tidal wave of positive change. This year we propose building on past success while continuing to hone, improve, and expand on what is made possible through the art of comedy in service of reversing global warming. This year we aim to cultivate a culture of climate comedy (1) by expanding on our annual Earth Day Stand Up for Climate Comedy programming nationally and worldwide and (2) establishing a clearing house of open-source resources for creating, teaching, researching, and enjoying climate comedy.

This is the first year we are offering this seed funding to College Comedy/Improv Groups to support them in self-producing Stand Up for Climate Comedy events in the weeks before Earth Day April 22, 2024 at their colleges or universities. With this effort we hope to fortify a focus on climate for the next generation of comedians from top comedy preparatory universities and collegiate comedy clubs.

We also are producing a big Stand Up for Climate Comedy event at the Boulder Theater April 15th, 2024, running our 9th annual Climate Comedy Video Completion, and more. Contact Beth Osnes with questions or to submit your application!