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Capturing a Glimpse of Green in Chicago and Milwaukee

Random acts of green in cities by photographer Marc Deely

Inside the Greenhouse extended an invitation to submit photos of random acts of green in cities, and photographer Marc Deely heeded the call. Here featured are a few of his photos from his home Chicago and close neighbor, Milwaukee, as he contrasts each city’s hard edged lines and curves with a human touch of green. Raised in the village of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Marc moved to Chicago to study digital cinema and the art of visual storytelling at  DePaul University. With a love for beautiful imagery, photography became a natural medium of expression. We add his images to our Green Suits Your City collection to infuse embodied and joyful commitment to the greening of our cities. This initiative contributes to the Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities Initiative by bringing the power of the arts to the reenvisioning of our cities.

Contact to get a greensuit or two sent to you to photograph in your city.