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Telling a New Energy Story

On June 23, 2017, a small group of young women will gather on the western slope of Colorado to enjoy rich conversation, meals, camping, and creative activities to deeply consider the energy future we want for our lives and our world. More Information.


Clara Pena
Clara resides on a fifty acre farm in Hotchkiss, CO where she is helping reestablish the family's apple orchard. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2013 with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology. While at CU, she was a part of the Inside the Greenhouse program where she produced several films, including a film about coal in the North Fork Valley which was featured in the Aspen Shortsfest Film Festival in Aspen, CO. Clara currently teaches technology and digital art classes at Montrose High School.


Ellie Milner
Ellie is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in International Affairs and a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media. She participated in the Inside the Greenhouse program where her film, “Dear Dad,” won co-first place in the campus' Climate Change Film Festival. "Dear Dad" is a personal letter to her father about their shared experiences skiing and the potential of losing that connection in the face of climate change.

Stephanie Selz
Steph is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder. She participated in the Inside the Greenhouse program where her film, “Freeing Earth’s Beings,” won co-first place in the campus' Climate Change Film Festival. “Freeing Earth’s Beings” is a rap piece about climate change and was written and performed by Steph.

Past Interns

Paul Henning (2014)

Paul took both courses offered through the Inside the Greenhouse Initiative.  While a student enrolled in Creative Climate Communication in 2014 he traveled over spring break to Totogalpa, Nicaragua to create a short film on the Nicaragua Pueblo Project, which blends traditional construction practices--natural building--with modern adaptations.  Though this trip was not an official internship with Inside the Greenhouse, this project did result from his participation in the course.  This beautiful and informative video that he created for the class with Whiley Hall, Tyler Moore, Andrea Smith can be viewed at this link:

Connor Callahan (2014)

Conner first traveled with the performance Sol-Her Energ-He to the Navajo Nation in the Spring of 2015 while a part of the Creative Climate Communication course.  When the revised version of the show was being mounted at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in June of 2015, Conner became an Inside the Greenhouse intern and created a video recording of the performance at NCAR and at the Conference on Communication and the Environment that occurred at CU Boulder.  What is unique about Conner's process in creating a recording of this event is that he was also very much a participant and performer in the piece, which granted him an embodied experience with the material.  He also influenced the development of the piece through the collaborative process.  Throughout he was a positive role model for the youth performers involved in the process.  He deepened our discussion of the environmental issues that are the focus of the show and contributed his ideas and energy throughout the entire process.  The recordings he created are terrific tools for sharing this work beyond the live experience.  His teaser of the performance can be viewed at and his full-length edited recording of the performance can be viewed at

Angela Earp (2015)

Angela Earp is a CU student majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. After winning first place in her class (Film and Climate Change)  film festival in December 2014 with her film Canaries of Climate Change, she began an internship for Inside the Greenhouse in the summer of 2015. Accompanied by another former classmate and Inside the Greenhouse intern, Sara Berkowitz, she traveled to Albaquerque, NM to film a mural being painted and the amazing women behind it. Angela and Sara ended their internship with three new short films, and an incredibly rewarding experience. Angela currently works in the Safran Lab at CU Boulder, and is pursuing careers involved in the creative communication of science. 

Sara Berkowitz (2015)

Sara graduated from CU Spring 2015 with degrees in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Sociology. She also recieved a certificate in Public Health. After completing Becca Safran's class, she was inspired to dedicate more effort on the global climate change issue. She started her internship for Inside the Greenhouse after her graduation in 2015, along with former classmate Angela Earp. They traveled to New Mexico to cover the story of traditional herbalist Maclovia Sanchez de Zamora, and artist Nani Chacon. Sara currently is volunteering for Magen David Adom, the Israeli Red Cross, and hopes to pursue a career in nursing. She hopes to incoorporate enviornmentalism and social justice into her practices as a nurse. 

Barbara MacFerrin (2015)

Barbara has an undergraduate degree in Information Systems Security and worked in the information technology field in various environments ranging from the aerospace industry to healthcare and wellness. Barbara left her IT career to pursue a graduate degree in the Technology, Media and Society program at CU’s ATLAS institute. After completing the Inside the Greenhouse two-course series, Barbara was inspired to dedicate her efforts to communicating climate change and climate science.  She started an Internship for ITG in October 2015 for the City of Boulder’s Climate Commitment communication project.  Barbara is working with local high school students who are members of the Youth Opportunities Advisory Board (YOAB) to produce a short film about climate change impacts and opportunities for action in the Boulder community. 

Learn More About Climate (LMAC), ATLAS Institute: Technology, Media and Society program | website
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Meridith Richter (2016)

Meridith Richter, a senior Technology, Arts, and Media major and Computer Science minor, was an Inside the Greenhouse intern for the summer of 2016. During that summer, she documented the mounting of an original Inside the Greenhouse performance, Shine, through CU’s Science Discovery camp. She also began the colossal job of editing a professional video recording of Shine that was directed by Arthur Fredrick the summer of 2016 in New York with local youth. This edited version of the performance will be one of the primary digital portions of a forthcoming book on Shine, entitled Performance for Resilience: Youth-sparked Community Engagement for Climate, Energy and Resilience Planning. Meridith is continuing her collaboration with Inside the Greenhouse and is fulfilling her capstone project for her degree by preparing the digital materials for this book (interviews, run of show…) for publication (resulting in a publishing credit for her). We are so impressed by her ability, attitude, and perseverance.

Sean Race (2016)

ITG welcomed Sean Race to our internship team during the summer of 2016. As an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at the University of Colorado, Sean was able to take a diversity of science classes; he enrolled in the Film and Climate Change class in fall 2015 to gain experiences in science communication and in particular, to try his hand at producing films. The ITG summer internship enabled Sean to deepen his skill sets in both science and science communication. In May 2016, he traveled with PhD student David Zonana to document ongoing work on how animals respond to climate change. This project is focused on how distributions of quail have shifted with changing climates in the high deserts of California. Sean produced two excellent short films during the summer: one that documents the research itself and another that highlights a local activist working on conservation issues in the California deserts.