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Green Suits Your City Movie

A Green Gift Suited for the New Year

A few months before the pandemic hit, Beth Osnes had a lovely couple from the Netherlands, Hans and Jessica Willers, staying in their back Airbnb cottage. When enjoying conversation in Beth’s home, they noticed a pile of green suits waiting to be laundered. Beth explained the ongoing Inside the Greenhouse participatory photography project using green suits to bring attention to issues of climate and sustainability. Participants don a green suit and take a photograph of themselves enacting some climate solution or an act of sustainability. When they saw the Inside the Greenhouse map of all the places from which green suit photographs had been submitted, they offered to send one from the Netherlands upon their return. Beth gave them a green suit to take with them. After many months, an email arrived with a link to this five-minute film entitled Green Suits Your City. Hans and Jessica went above and beyond the taking of a simple photograph and created an entire short film in the spirit of the French Jacques Tati to contribute to our creative climate communication collection. We hope you enjoy this uplifting film as much as we did. It wordlessly tells a magical tale of the Earth’s resurging song.