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Talk with friends and community about climate change.

Talking about climate change leads to engagement and action. Learn how:

City of Boulder Audio Collage

Don't Look Up Action Page

Degrees Podcast

All We Can Save Project

Boulder Country Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Inside the Greenhouse Social Media: Instagram | Twitter



What kind of ancestor do you want to be?

How do you want to be remembered? What legacy do you want to leave?

E Movement - whole-child approach to environmental education

Classrooms for Climate Action - connecting classrooms to local climate action

Science Moms



Boulder is in a climate emergency. Right here. Right now.

It's time to face the facts: 

City of Boulder Climate Emergency Declaration

Boulder County Climate Emergency Declaration

Boulder County Lawsuit

Marshall Fire Climate Emergency Letter to POTUS

Chancellor Distefano Call to Climate Action

Earth Lab's Outreach and the Marshall Fire

Short Video to Share

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Take climate action: we’re all in this together

How can YOU can take climate action: 

City of Boulder Action Page

Boulder.Earth Action Page

Colorado Local Science Engagement Network

5 Climate Actions

One Book One Boulder 2021

100 Ways to Help

Climate Solutions 101

9 Things You Can Do About Climate Change


How old will you be in 2035, when Boulder meets its initial climate goals?

Boulder County's Climate Action Plan

City of Boulder's Climate Action Plan

Climate Solutions for ALL

Tools of Change


Keep the earth clean, dress green!

Choosing sustainable brands is good. Do you know what’s even better? Buying something that has already been used by someone else. That way we can decrease the amount of clothes produced, which means less pressures on planetary resources, and fewer clothes end up in landfills. 

The most sustainable thing we can do is thrift. That way we can minimize the impact on our planet, while still renewing your closet. Many stores also have pre-loved/re-selling sections - make sure to check that out!

Boulder Thrifiting Guide



Sustainable fashion requires community wide effort

Reuse. Reduce. Repair. Repurpose. Recycle. These steps are key to a sustainable lifestyle, and to make real change we need to work together. We can all do something. Become part of the change.

Take action now:
1) Ask your local clothing store what they do for the environment
2) Many stores offer repair services - pay them a visit with the clothes that need mending
3) Swap clothes with your friends, or resell the clothes you no longer want
4) Check out the sustainability page of your favorite brands’ websites to learn more about their work

How To Live a More Circular Lifestyle

The Problem with Fast Fashion



Your gear can be green even if you ski black

When ripping black diamonds, make sure your gear is sustainably made. Climate change has a massive impact on our mountains, so if we want to be able to enjoy skiing in the future we need to be aware of our impact now. Check out sustainable ski stores and pre-loved gear when buying something new.

Give Your Belongings a Second Life

Protect Our Winters