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The Butterfly Affect: Interactive Performance

At The Butterfly Pavilion, Saturday January 27th

The Butterfly Affect: Interactive Performance


Saturday, January 27, 2024 (Multiple 30 min. sessions 9:00AM-3:15PM)

The Butterfly Pavilion 6252 W. 104th Avenue

Westminster, CO 80020


All ages are welcome, and tickets are $20 for Butterfly Pavilion members and $25 for non-members. Sign up for a 30-minute slot.


To sign up for a slot--

Picture yourself metamorphizing as a butterfly—literally*. The Butterfly Affect offers an embodied exploration where participants are costumed as they travel through each stage of a butterfly’s lifecycle. Begin within an egg, crawl out as a caterpillar, hang within a chrysalis, and, ultimately, emerge as a butterfly. This half-hour immersive experience invites individuals to delve inward, reflect on personal growth, and emerge transformed. Only six participants travel through this experience at a time, each led by their own host with ample moments of silent meditation enhanced by an original soundscape. Humbly tracing the steps of a butterfly’s metamorphosis can guide and inspire your co-becoming towards beauty, change, and transformation. The aim is to inspire a collective commitment to co-create a world that is equitable, sustainable, and conducive to thriving life and ecosystems.

*Your host will use your camera to photograph you through each stage so you can add your image and insights to the Co-Becoming Butterfly Gallery Online, with submissions from around the world

Learn more about the project at: The Butterfly Affect