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Ecofeminist Embodied Workshop for Activating Systems of Protection for Women: An Embodiment Performance Experience

Feel the joy of co-transforming alongside a butterfly.

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Feel the joy of co-transforming alongside a butterfly.

Experience the launching of the “Butterfly Affect Care Deck” – imaginative prompts to ignite our imaginations and inspire our bodies to rest, move, and emerge transformed. This interactive training workshop offers a creative experience to nurture individual contributions towards systems of protection for women & train YOU on how to use them! Grounded in the science of a butterfly’s metamorphosis, this Care Deck offers a creative, nature-based, ecofeminist approach to systems of care.

This Care Deck is created by Dr. Beth Osnes, Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at University of Colorado Boulder, and Dr. Sarah Fahmy, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Research at Florida State University and their students.

Come to this session for a FREE DOWNLOADABLE CARE DECK to use at home, your organizations, schools, and with your communities! Enjoy this gift to develop systems of care through embodied strategies that are accessible for all ages, abilities, and genders.

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