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2021 Comedy for Climate Change Honorable Mention 

When it comes to climate change, scientists already know who is most at fault, the emitters of CO2 and those who enable them. And yet, the problem continues. Because even though things are obvious to some, the tricks of the merchants of doubt can stall any action. This comedy sketch explores the struggle to get people to take action on something seemingly obvious like climate change, while being hampered by disinformation. All through the absurdity of the online game Among Us. Carbon Dioxide and the Oil&Gas Industry are the killers but can scientists get everyone to actually vote them out?



Writer, Producer, CO2 actor: Tom Di Liberto

Oil and Gas: Mikail Faalasli

The GOP: Jordana Mishory

Scientist: Meredith Garagiola

Millennial: Margaret Lee

Boomer: Martin Steger

Gen Z: Erick Acuña

Coral Reef: Ceci DeRobertis 

Economy: Slli’m Williams 

Glacier: Kara Kinsey

Video Tags: Climate Comedy, Climate Change, Among Us, Generations

2021 Comedy for Climate Change Honorable Mention

We live in a world where it is so easy to be offensive even when we are trying our best. Join three silly boys Jeff, Josh and Jelliot as they get ready to participate in Recycle Fest 2021 and grow as a person as we watch them go through their own “oops and ouch” moments. Support Green culture, don’t appropriate it.


Joshua Emerson, Jeff Stonic, Elliot Weber, Jacob Jonas (known collectively as DeadRoom Comedy)

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2021 Comedy for Climate Change Third Place Winner

Despair about the climate has become as much of an obstacle to action as outright denial. Although the situation is serious, we wanted to present a more hopeful message. Our premise is set in a hypothetical future where we have solved climate change and look back at our accomplishments from the year 2050. We speak to the child of a former oil tycoon and to the would-be heir of an inhaler fortune as well as a surprisingly articulate cow.


Alisa Rabovsky (Director, Editor, Writer, Performer)

Jeff Stonic (Writer, Performer)
Jeremiah Chinegwu (Writer, Performer)
Lee Robinson (Writer, Performer)

Video Tags: future, Climate Comedy, solutions, Climate Crisis, heirs

2021 Comedy for Climate Change Second Place Winner

Climate change denial collapses under absolutely any scrutiny, but often the people who hold those kinds of beliefs are isolated against hearing the arguments against them. This video is about simple ways to see that climate change is happening without having to get onboard with the science.



Author/ Performer: Rollie Williams 

Cinematographer: James Clark

Climate Town

Video Tags: Climate Comedy, Climate Change, Economics, Scientists, Education, skeptics

First Place winner of the 2021 Comedy for Climate Change Contest

A fake internal christmas update from ExxonMobil to shareholders. Their CEO gleefully lists the facts about their terrible climate record and efforts to greenwash their image while guaranteeing to maximize profits and willfully disregard the safety and security of the entire planet.



Written by: Tucker Johnson
Acting: Harold Moss
Directed by: Harold Moss
Edited by: Harold Moss
Produced by: Climate Ad Project and FlickerLab
Submitted by: Brian Emerson
Production Support: Negin Moss, Parisa Harandi, Bryn Gast


All content was either created by us, licensed, or falls under fair use.



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University of Colorado Boulder Climate Change and Film 2009 class

Sleeping Giant by Simon Steffen

University of Colorado Boulder Climate Change and Film class in 2009. Film made by Michael Liguori.

Life of a Plastic Bag by Ayla Flaxman

My name is Ayla Flaxman. I am in 7th grade at Horizon K8 School in Boulder, Colorado. For my learning challenge project I wanted to make sure that I informed others about this issue of ocean pollution. But I wanted to make it a gentle approach. So I wrote and illustrated this book. Please enjoy. I appreciated being able to work with Inside the Greenhouse, and especially consulting with author Max Boykoff, on how to write a book!

2020 Stand Up For Climate Change Comedy Show

This evening of climate comedy brought to you by Inside the Greenhouse at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Chuck Nice is a featured guest. Appearances also by Ed Begley, Jr., Katharine Hayhoe, Bill McKibben, Ben Gleib, Andrew Revkin, James Balog, Seth Shostak, John Cook, Rollie Williams, Heather Libby, Josh Willis, Adam Levy & more!

2020 Comedy for Climate Change - First Place Winner

Climate Change in South Africa: How bad can it be?
by Stephen Horn and Politically Aweh

2020 Comedy for Climate Change - Second Place Winner

Do people know more about the actual universe or the Marvel Universe?
by Rollie Williams & An Inconvenient Talk Show

2020 Comedy for Climate Change - Third Place Winner

Be a Climate Voter
by Celia Gurney

2020 Comedy for Climate Change - Third Place Winner

Too late to stop Climate Change?
by Adam Levy

Power Dialog: Climate Solutions for Colorado
April 7, 2020

The Power Dialog will support College and University partners across the US, focused on the potential to solve the energy side of climate change by 2030. Here in Colorado, the Dialog gives students and community members a voice in critical decisions that will determine their future, and the future of the earth.

“No word for ‘wall’” written, composed and sung by Jonah Hausammann

Final project for COMM 3370 Environmental Communication, Fall 2019, Professor Phaedra C. Pezzullo

For more information on the Tohono O’odham Nation opposition to the Border Wall and Music in their words, see: