INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


This film is about using less energy by getting off your couch and enjoying all that nature and the outdoors has to offer. The film encourages viewers to stay wild.

This film explains how everyone can be more environmentally conscious in their home. The film talks to the senior manager at Clear Result, a consulting firm that helps people make their houses more energy efficient.

Laundry Day is about the power of personal change. If one person becomes more environmentally conscious, it will most likely inspire others to act in the same way. This film is a positive comedy.

This film is an advertisement for a Thursday night bike group in Boulder, Colorado. The group travels in a pack of 50+ bikers, enjoying a night with music and friends.

This film explains and shows the divestment movement at The University of Colorado at Boulder. The song, Divest it Like it Hot, is played.

This film explains Bloomin's mission, a company that produces seed paper. The company strives to bring sustainability and environmental awareness to the paper industry.

Why educate is an optimistic film that shows the differences in climate change education between younger and older generations. The film explains the importance of education regarding social issues as well as children discussing their views on the environment.

This film is a comedy and a parody of MTV Cribs, set in the year 2020. The film shows a sustainable Boulder house. It comments on recent tragedies including a friend who lost his house in California due to sea level rise. This film is funny and optimistic.

This film is a story about dumpster diving. It presents the idea of there is no away. The actors receive social backlash, yet find many reusable items and plenty of food.

This artistic film conveys the message, "don't let the media construct your opinions on climate change, form your own opinion!"

This film interviews a sustainability analyst from the University of Colorado. The conversation centers around how to efficiently use water so that we can sustain for the future. This film is educational about Colorado's current water situation.

This short film is about easily changing our habits to live a greener life. The story follows two college aged kids through a day in their lives, one consumes a lot more than the other. This film is funny and great to show college students how they can help our environment in their everyday lives.

This story parallels Climate Change with a Christmas Carol. The film shows how pristine nature used to be in relation to how the earth looks in present day. The story does a good job at explaining that the future is irreversible and everyone is responsible for our future.

This film conveys the danger in being a Climate Change skeptic. It explores both sides of the climate change debate and touches on the politics of the issue. This film is perfect for those who are not sure what to believe when it comes to climate change.

Sea Level Rise is a short, educational film, that investigates the perceptions surrounding our rising oceans from students of the University of Colorado. The film exposes these students to pictures of what their home cities will look like in 2100. This film is a great tool to show the immediate effects of climate change.

This is an artistic short film about the American dream. It hints that we are responsible to care about our planet if we want to continue our everyday life.