INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


This short film is a call to action for climate change. It can also act as an educational video to explain weather on earth. The producer uses different voices to unite humanity into combating climate change problems together.

This film is an emotional story of a young man connecting with nature. He discusses his feelings on climate change and what it is like to live in the wilderness. Luke gives the audience a realistic point of view on how to connect with nature and the outdoors in order to care more for our environment.

This film is a great educational tool to inform audiences about waste, trash, and recycling. The producer is very hopeful that anyone can make a difference through recycling glass and aluminum cans. This film is easy to follow and very informative.

This is a great film about the consumption of CO2 by humanity. The producer parallels beautiful nature to the dark reality of society's burning of fossil fuels. The film does a good job at compelling the viewer to learn more.

This film is a comedy about how much energy we consume in our everyday lives. The producer views energy consumption as an addiction and helps a young man overcome that addiction. This film is very humorous for older audiences.

This film shows simple ways to help the environment in our everyday life. The producer uses humor to show a young man's thoughts about his story in the climate change reality. The film is great for all audiences looking to laugh and learn about how to be a superhero in our own lives.

This short film is an animation about humanity's impact on the earth. The story touches on politics and its interaction with the environment. This film is well produced and gives the viewer a good idea about the climate change reality.

The Global Warming Infomercial is a short comedy satirizing the way humans have treated climate change thus far. This video is meant to view the climate change issue with a different perspective by captivating the audience through humor. This film also discusses polar bears.

This film is a call to action for the divest movement on the University of Colorado campus. The filmmaker explains how the president of the University has millions of CU dollars invested in his own industry, fossil fuels. Students at the university are demanding their money be invested in more clean and sustainable industries.

This film is about a fantasy channel reporting about current scientific findings. The channel reports on a leak of a video where a scientist discusses weather manipulation with a war general in the U.S. government.

Sustainable Cities discusses urban farming. It shows New York City's farming scene as well as Denver's. This film educates us on a unique solution to combating climate change.

This film uses barbie dolls to tell a fiction story about climate change. It shows the struggle between people who want to continue using great amounts of energy vs. those who push to stop. This funny story highlights a social issue.

This film is very thorough about what the future holds for the ski industry. It explains to us how skiing companies are threatened due to the weather, yet create the problem as well. The filmmaker offers realistic solutions to help the skiing industry produce more carbon.

Food for the Future highlights the ways in which our current agricultural system is flawed. The filmmaker gives everyday solutions for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint.

In this short film, the producer offers a unique solution to help people reduce their energy consumption. Simple energy offers ideas as to how to interact with energy in a different manner.

This creative film is put together like children's book. The filmmaker tells the story of selfish humans taking more than their fair share of resources in nature, which threatens the survival of other creatures.