INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


Find your place is a relatable film that highlights the struggle to find how we can make a positive difference. This short film is realistic and relatable, making it enjoyable to watch.

This animated film discusses the story of the Pika that lives in the Rocky Mountains. The message this story conveys is that we are all connected to nature, animals, and the world at large.

This film interviews a local Bee Keeper and a Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Professor at the University of Colorado. Both men discuss the importance of bees in our ecosystem. They offer ideas on how we can help save bee populations that are currently declining.

Teddy the polar bear cub loses his family due to melting sea ice, and explains how renewable energy can help save his habitat.


Short animation on the connection between what we do today, and what that means for tomorrow. 

Several "experts" discuss the importance of trees as a solution to global warming.

Movie trailer style film identifying a terrifying consequence of frequent extreme weather.

This fictional story tells about the land of the Poplings, and how they came together to fight climate change and save their town.

Informative video addressing the rapid melting of the Arapaho Glacier, and resulting water issues.

Watch this video to see how elementary school students respond when asked questions about climate change.

A stop motion film which calls attention to overuse of the phrase "canary in a coal mine" when warning of climate change.

Communicates how movement is the key to life through which power and energy are formed.

Explains student pressure for universities to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Examines how the effects of climate change transcend political party lines.

University students set up a board in the middle of campus to hear from students what they think climate change is.


Incredible survival story of a man and his wife, who narrowly escaped the fatal flood of September 2013 in Lyons, Colordo.