INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


This comedic skit talks about the struggles of wasting food. It teaches about composting and grocery stores, while also adding comments about world hunger.

This comedy skit demonstrates how even cave people can make a switch from a diet with meat to a diet without it.

This skit discusses the best ways to hit on your barista at your local Starbucks. It gives us pointers on how to make that experience the most environmentally friendly, especially with the use of a reusable cup.

This comedy skit discusses the transition of a seafood diet to a plant-based diet. Cleverly, it brings up the wonderful benefits, while also discussing a downfall of the transition.

This skit allows us to hear the perspective of a sweet tree. It brings up the benefits of keeping trees around to help with climate change and of course-- to let us breathe!

This skit shows us the benefits of having wind power. It comically shows talking wind turbines who introduce us to their perspective about sustainable energy.

This clever skit demonstrates the benefit of using wolves to help climate change, It talks about how wolves are the answer to our problems, even outside of forests and protecting wildlife.

This comedy skit brings a popular TV show to life with the lens of composting. The story of a character who has become addicted to composting and bettering our planet is shared with the audience.

This musical skit brings an upbeat look to a life where planes are powered by cycling. It gives the excitement of a plane ride and the comedic perspective from a confused businessman.

This musical skit brings the Beatles to life, giving us a look into their songs with the lens of
nature and geothermal solutions.

This comedy skit discusses the perspective of climate change from Carbon’s point of view. It talks about how Carbon Dioxide ended up in the atmosphere from a relatable college perspective.

This comedy skit discusses the excitement of sustainable energy using the ocean. It gives us a look into sustainable energy with an edge of dirty solutions.

This comedy skit shows us the perspective of the sun and how it feels about climate change. It talks about the clean form of energy and asks us all the question of why we don’t utilize solar power more often.

This comedic skit tells the story of a Thanksgiving feast without eating meat. Zachary tells us about doing No Meat November and running into some issues with the popular holiday.

This clever skit talks about climate change from the perspective of a popular amusement park. It brings up points about fossil fuels with a hint of global warming.

This comedy skit is the tale of a grandmother and her granddaughter meeting to talk about some big news. It dives into a healthy diet and lifestyle with comedic overtones.