INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


Recycled Runway 8: Jaqi Fairbanks
Created by Grace Kendziorski & Connor Vertrees

Recycled Runway 8: Keara Friel
Created by Enric Sabadell & Nick Horna

Recycled Runway 8: Noelle Ireland
Created by Trevor Bishop & Tanner Biglione

Recycled Runway 8: Bena Koehn
Created by Nick Spencer & Joe Mitchem

Recycled Runway 8: Cloe Miller
Created by Hannah Higgins & William Patsos

Recycled Runway 8: Holly Shafroth
Created by Natalie Johnston & Pablo Laris

Recycled Runway 8: Olivia Snyder
Created by Dan Dodero & Peter Patrakis

Recycled Runway 8: Hanna Vincent
Created by Heddie Hall & Matt Milne

Recycled Runway 8: Nicoline West
Created by Yue Li & Max Armstrong

Recycled Runway 8: Kate Zacharias
Created by Maggie Patton & Andrew Taylor-Shaut

2017 Comedy for Climate Change - Introduction by Max Boykoff, Beth Osnes and Rebecca Safran

2017 Comedy for Climate Change - Frame Tale: Sun and Fossil Fuels - Energy Bros
by Larry Gumina and Andrew Taylor-Shaut

2017 Comedy for Climate Change - Honorable Mention, Climate Change Communicators Infomercial
by Travis Axe, Elise Evans, Elizabeth Lev, Chris Reeve and Jeremy Wainscott

2017 Comedy for Climate Change - Greener Than Thou?
by Grace Kendziorski, Alysia Kealiher, Alex Doyle, Sam Szabian, and Conner Vertrees

2017 Comedy for Climate Change - Dinner with Awareness
by Jingwen Cai, Jesyca Lazo, Peter Patrakis, and William Ted Patsos

2017 Comedy for Climate Change - Third Prize Winner, Dear Donald Trump
by Philip Moran and Elias James Manning-Moran