INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


Short film narrative of a diary entry about the current political situation with Trump not supporting climate change issues. Film by Emily Buzek.

This film received honorable mention in the 2016 Climate Change and Film Festival. Film by Brooke Smetanka.

Short film about how the beef industry contributes to climate change. Film by Kaylyn Russell.

Sponge Bob parody showing the ocean post-climate change. Film by Megan Feist.

This film took co-first prize in the 2016 Climate Change and Film Festival. Film by Ellie Milner.

Animated film using humor to talk about climate change. Film by Killian Womack.

A film about climate change in the desert, and one man's concerns about the future of his adopted home. Film by Sean Race.

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A film at the intersection of ecological research and climate change. Behavioral ecologists attempt to understand how climate change will impact two species of desert quail. Film by Sean Race.

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A wonderfully narrated piece that illustrates the disconnect between modern society and our natural environment. This film urges us to put down our devices and reconnect with nature in order to combat climate change. Film by Greg Robinson.

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For much of our recent past humanity has been fighting a war it didn't even know it was waging. But the battlefield isn't in a far off land - it is in our schools, our communities, and our governments. This film calls us to "wake up" to the truth of climate change before it is too late. Film by Jimmy Ferrara.

Video Tags: Fantasy, Climate Change, War

A beautifully animated and produced video about our relationship as humans to the planet, and how that relationship has changed over time - and has the potential to change the earth itself. Film by Meredith Richter.

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For many of us, our most treasured moments in life are those shared with family animals. However, they are some of the hardest hit by the disasters that could potentially result from a rapidly changing climate. This video deftly navigates the tension surrounding this reality. Film by Jackee Walker.

Video Tags: Pets, Disasters

Witness the lives of climate researchers as they work in some of the harshest conditions on the planet - and see how love for their research drives them to go above and beyond just the pursuit of money. This film exposes how media and interest groups drive a narrative that could not be further from the truth. Film by Barbara MacFerrin.

Lively interview with Jonathan Cohen, regional sustainability manager of Boulder. Topics include energy production and utilization in Boulder, efficiency, and energy conservation. 

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Upbeat interview of two CU environmental studies majors, explaining their introduction to environmental issues and inspiration to fight climate change.

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Creative play on Orson Welles famous 1938 radio broadcast, describing a "War of the Climate" with rising temperatures and increasing environmental catastrophe.

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