INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


The positive things about snow. Podcast by Mark Williams, Jeremy Stein, Curtis Beutler, Essie Queredo, and Alex Posen.

Little ways that climate change will affect us presented in humorous way. Podcast by Tanner Stephens, Sean McManus, Meaghan Webber, and Madison Smith.

Diary entry snippets with effects of climate change influencing entries. Podcast by Sterling Lubchenco, Garrett Hernandez, Jennifer Stodgell, and Elana Selinger.

The impact of climate change on grasshoppers and how that will affect the earth. Podcast by Blaine Hartman, Udval Altangerel, Ashleigh Livingston, and Blake Ahnell.

Interviewers speak to farmers about sustainability at the local Boulder Farmer's Market, including those from McCauley Family farms, Oxford Gardens, and El Regalo Ranch.

Video Tags: Sustainability, Food, Farm-to-Table, Local

Long-form explanatory podcast dealing with the environmental cost of shower-taking (and water usage) in the United States.

Video Tags: Water Use, Showers

Full video of Comedy for the 2016 Comedy for Climate Change event.

A brief introduction to the Comedy for Climate Change event.

Humorous video comparing climate change to everyday life as a college student, with musical accompaniment.

Video Tags: Humor, Music, Climate

Lively skit parodying popular gameshow "The Price is Right", playing with the idea of future climatic conditions under current climate change scenarios.

Video Tags: Humor, Game Show, Climate

Stand-up routine dealing with geopolitics in regard to international climate policy and the major players in climate change. Parallels are drawn to real life throughout.

Video Tags: Geopolitics, Climate policy

Climate issues viewed through the lens of the typical CU Boulder party scene. Jokes about polar ice, emissions, and water issues.

Video Tags: Party, Humor, Sustainability

Mother Nature appears as an eligible bachelorette in an homage to The Dating Game, featuring potential presidential candidates. Political comedy.

Video Tags: Politics, Presidential Election, Dating, Humor

Snowboarders attempt to grapple with the science behind climate change in this short skit. 

Video Tags: Winter Sports, Snowboards, Skis, Humor

Guest standup routine featuring Beth Osnes as "Climate Change", a problem just looking for someone to show that they care.

Video Tags: Dating, Climate, Humor

Comedy skit featuring polar bears, riffing off of the Black Lives Matter movement and ASPCA ads. 

Video Tags: PolarLivesMatter, Humor