INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories

Green Suits CU

Green Suits CU is a collection of student photography "green lighting" the sustainability work being done at CU. This Inside the Greenhouse visual campaign brings excitement, visual delight, and celebration to the fantastic work being done here at CU. Each area of focus has green suit photos and a caption written by the students who took the photos. There are two "spirit of CU" photos by CU student, Lianna Nixon, as well that capture the expansive spirit that drives all this great work. 

Green Suits is an Inside the Greenhouse participatory photography project that infuses embodied creativity and fun into the greening of our world. Participants don a full-body, spandex green suit with a leafy sash and submit a photograph of themselves embodying a spirit of green and engaging in green acts. Both the process of taking the photos and the photographs themselves spark unlikely conversations, and are a part of an ongoing effort to infuse embodied delight and broad engagement in sustainability and climate action. This interactive project is designed to engage a wider constituency by addressing environmental resilience through joyful public acts. Sometimes it takes a literal representation of an idea to make it real.

(Beth Osnes and Sarah Fahmy have completed a first draft of an article about the ITG Green Suits project that is soon to be published in a book entitled Politics as Public Art: The Aesthetics of Political Organizing and Social Movements.)