INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


2016 Comedy for Climate Change - Climate change is like…

Humorous video comparing climate change to everyday life as a college student, with musical accompaniment.

2016 Comedy for Climate Change - The 2050 Price is Right!

Lively skit parodying popular gameshow "The Price is Right", playing with the idea of future climatic conditions under current climate change scenarios.

2016 Comedy for Climate Change - A Date for Climate

Guest standup routine featuring Beth Osnes as "Climate Change", a problem just looking for someone to show that they care.

Life in a Warming World

A film at the intersection of ecological research and climate change. Behavioral ecologists attempt to understand how climate change will impact two species of desert quail.

What We Love

This film highlights what people love and how those are at risk in a changing climate. This film won honorable mention in the 7th annual film festival on climate change.