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Climate Change

2016 Comedy for Climate Change - God-Jesus heart to heart

Jesus has an awkward, but funny exchange about climate change with his dad as our climate change prayers are answered in this religiously-themed skit.

2021 Comedy for Climate Change Honorable Mention- Among Us: Climate Change Edition

2021 Comedy for Climate Change Honorable Mention 

2021 Comedy for Climate Change Honorable Mention: Recycle Fest 2021

2021 Comedy for Climate Change Honorable Mention

We live in a world where it is so easy to be offensive even when we are trying our best. Join three silly boys Jeff, Josh and Jelliot as they get ready to participate in Recycle Fest 2021 and grow as a person as we watch them go through their own “oops and ouch” moments. Support Green culture, don’t appropriate it.


2021 Second Place Comedy for Climate Change Winner - 2 Minutes Of Fact-Checkable Climate Change Facts For Skeptics

2021 Comedy for Climate Change Second Place Winner

Climate change denial collapses under absolutely any scrutiny, but often the people who hold those kinds of beliefs are isolated against hearing the arguments against them. This video is about simple ways to see that climate change is happening without having to get onboard with the science.



Author/ Performer: Rollie Williams 

Cinematographer: James Clark

Heating the Desert

A film about climate change in the desert, and one man's concerns about the future of his adopted home. 

To Know War

This is an original screenplay that tells the story of how climate change can be equated with war in terms of the scale of human loss and devastation. This film won a tied spot for first place in the 7th annual Climate Change Film Festival.

We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands

This film explores how the scale of our personal experience with the planet has changed over time and how that has impacted our view of the natural world. This film tied for first place in the 7th annual Climate Change Film Festival in December 2015.

A Vertical Perspective

This film explores the relationship between rock climbing and connecting with nature.