re-telling climate change stories


Issue #6

The chosen name of our project – Inside the Greenhouse – acknowledges that, to varying degrees, we are all implicated in, part of, and responsible for greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. So in our efforts we treat this ‘greenhouse’ as a living laboratory, an intentional place for growing new ideas and evaluating possibilities to confront climate change through a range of creative communication approaches.

Issue #5

The hot summer of 2016 has been productive for us Inside the Greenhouse. Highlights included the successful continuation of our summer internship programs, collaboration with ‘Lens on Climate Change’ and the posting and tagging (for database searching) of our Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 class compositions on the website.

Issue #4

Ideas, innovations and initiative have continued to grow ‘Inside the Greenhouse’ throughout this Spring. Along with students at CU Boulder, we have sprout many new projects and nourished ongoing activities.

Issue #3

Inside the Greenhouse has continued to build momentum this fall, with many ongoing project efforts to 're-tell climate change stories' in compelling and resonant ways.

Issue #2

We've continued forward with numerous Inside the Greenhouse activities and events in 2015. Highlights include the successful launch of summer internship programs in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Issue #1

It has been a great start to 2015 with numerous Inside the Greenhouse activities. Some highlights have been our time in the classroom with inspiring students, our budding research projects and collaborations, a fantastic public event partnering with Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) Casey Middle school and the development of four summer internships.